About Us

We are a 2nd Amendment based apparel company aimed at giving Americans an outlet in which to express their pride and belief in our nation, its people and its Constitution.  Not only do we make the raddest shirts expressing our love for our 2nd Amendment rights, we also believe in giving back to our communities and the people in them.  For too long we as firearm owners have been slandered and put into stereotypes without the decency to ask us our opinion.  Just because we own firearms doesn’t mean we have to be racists or anti LGBT or even religious for that matter.  The extremes that have strained our political party lines have put us many a time in the line of fire when it comes to hate and fear from the general public.  Never have we been publicly scorned for doing our diligence to keep our loved ones and those around us safe from those who wish to harm them.  In efforts to educate the public we have created opportunities for like minded individuals to help others in need.  We don’t look to scorn people for their different beliefs but instead we embrace them and invite them to an open-minded conversation.