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Infringe This
Infringe This

Infringe This

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Experience the comfort of our Infringe This T-shirt, all while wearing your American pride. This soft, made in America T-shirt features a beckoning cat, a tree of liberty and the words "Know Your Rights." Show off your patriotism with Infringe This.



100% made in America from fabric, to stitch, to print, to your door.
Each 2nd Armament shirt is designed with concealed carry in mind.  No more flashing that holster in the grocery store!  
  • Slightly longer for comfortable and safe concealed carry
  • Preshrunk for long lasting comfort 
  • Every time you wash a 2nd Armament shirt after a long day as a hard working American a Bald Eagle spreads its wings in approval.
  • Always machine wash cold.  Tumble dry low heat.